Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tour Soundtrack

We take our playlists very seriously in this band. Seriously. On the
mornings when we're due to leave, the order of business is to eat an
early breakfast (some are more awake than others at this stage), pack
the car (mostly consisting of shoving everthing in at random which is
an artform in itself), getting settled in our seats ... and then
sitting and waiting for ten minutes while Paul does up a playlist on
the iPod.

Like I said, seriously.

Here's our tour soundtrack of some of our favourite artists thus far,
in no particular order:

Little Creatures
Luka Bloom
Madison Violet
Roz Pappalardo & the Wayward Gentleman
Mark Knopfler
Eddi Reader
Paul Simon
Silly Wizard
Nancy Kerr & James Fagan
Dougie MacLean
Holly Throsby
Pete Wild
Liz Frencham
Enda Kenny

It changes every day & we love every shuffled minute (when we're not
arguing about what else to put on!) :)

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