Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Schnack Blog

Forgive me Lord, for I have schnacked.

Once upon a schnack there were three travelling musos. They had roamed the land far and wide looking for small delicacies to nom whilst on their perilous journey. One day, they came upon a supermarket called Marks & Spencers . . . and their schnack journey began:

Travel schnacks include Quavers (a cross between Twisties and melty like prawn chips), Hula Hoops (hard & smooth finger-sized rings of salted goodness) and crisps (otherwise known as potato chips) in astonishing flavours such as smoky bacon, prawn cocktail, sea salt & cider vinegar, hot chilli & lemon, roast chicken & thyme and lots of flavours including cheddar and something else, and some involving sausages, roast ox and the like.

Gourmet schnacks include Swiss Alpine Herb Twists, Mediterranean Twists (with black olives for extra flava). Hobnob biscuits covered in dark chololate, starbars, galaxy chocolate, Cherry Coke (diet too!), and just about anything with Marmite in it. We went shopping before we left Kent and came back with so many schnacks Paul and his Mum had to put the seats down in her little car. The schnacks actually take up a whole seat by themselves, complete with little seatbelt. We have a Twiglet nest under the driver’s seat, and a compartment of Fox’s Glacier Mints in the door.

You won't recognise us when we get back. We roll into gigs these days. If it wasn't for Carmen's amazingly healthy breakfasts involving grains we've never heard of and exotic fruits such as apples and pears, we'd've been lost at Heathrow.

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  1. Arse.

    They no longer make Worcester Sauce-flavoured Twiglets.