Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Long Drive (Pt.1)

The cds were seized by customs.

We got a nice red letter with a demand for about £54 (approx one billion Australian dollars). My dear Mum paid this when our backs were turned and the cds were delivered quite promptly the next day. It was only when loading the car that I realised it was only one of the two boxes we had shipped. Now, as of today, and for the next few weeks, we're very mobile, and not returning to Kent, so I was, to say the least, quite...annoyed. Half of our potential sales were sitting somewhere awaiting clearance. There's still no word. What we don't want happening is for them to be following us around the country, as it's very hard for us to back track.

So, the early morning didn't start too well. I was ranting around the house, trying to pack the car while the girls just left me alone.

But set off we did, and after sitting in traffic on the dread M25 for a hour or two, we were scooting down the M3 towards the West Country.

Our first stop was Stonehenge, but there was no way we were paying £6.60 to get in (about 34 million Australian dollars) and to quote Sarah, "Sod ORF! That's three coffees...EACH!". So we just snapped pics from outside the fence, all the while singing Spinal Tap.

We had to stop off at Glastonbury to haul our fat chakras up the Tor, which was great fun.

We felt highly spiritual.

We were nearly taken out by a highly-trained ninja druid attack squirrel that decided to leap from tree to tree across our path. Bridget yelled 'Squirrel!', there was a rustle, a grey blur then it was gone. Must have jumped at least fifteen feet. The climb up the Tor was worth it, as it was a wonderful clear blue day, and we could see for yards. Actually, it was quite lovely!

So, onward and...onward.

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