Thursday, October 15, 2009


We're here. The Ancient and Fey Duchy of Cornwall.

I'm sitting at the dining room and Steve and Carmen Hunt's beautiful house in Liskeard, attempting to write this but being continually distracted by the awesome session that is going on around the kitchen table to my left. Sarah, Bridge and Steve (who plays very mean guitar, zouk, bodhrán and quite possibly a dozen more instruments I've not seen yet in a number of brilliant bands here in Cornwall) are just running through tune after tune. We were supposed to be heading out to Penzance, Mousehole and the Men-a-Tol today but, as Sarah said, when the fingers are a-tingling...

I love Cornwall. It's one of my favourite places in Britain. The history, the twisty-turnedness of the land, the people, the language, culture, everything. It's truly an ancient land, and to be here as performers is just very very special. I can't wait until we start exploring, but for now, tunes!

I guess I should back track a little, seeing as we've been here a day or so now.

After we left Glastonbury, I drove for another hour or so, but was beginning to flake by the time we'd got into Devon, so Sarah took over. Now, I should point out that Mick Jaguar has a very nice built-in GPS system, but as it the wont with all sat-navs, it seems to have a mind of its own. It took us through the country avoiding pretty much every main road and motorway and sticking to the pleasant country lanes. Maybe it's a posh Jaguar thing, and certainly it makes for a beautiful trip, but Sarah, driving a big Jaguar wagon down (literally) single-lane roads where you have to climb embankments to pass oncoming cars well... let's just say it will take me 2 weeks to relax my sphincter.

So we made it here unscathed and unscraped, just not unclenched.

We arrived quite late, got settled in, had an amazing dinner of fish pie made by Carmen, got acquainted into the night, then were up at arse-o'clock to drive the 45mins into Truro for a spot on BBC Radio Cornwall at 10am. It was great fun. We played a couple of tunes and sang Dicky Goodchild (which will be on the next album) and Sarah managed to say 'bollocks' live to air. We are now banned in most ABC Australia radio stations and Britain. Smashing. Thanks to everyone who sent messages from all over (it was streamed on the website), it was very surreal to think you were all listening in. We spent the rest of the morning camped in Starbucks (for the free wi-fi) then had dinner at a funky old pub called The Old Ale House. The ale was indeed very fine and old, and girls are managing to keep up the new cider in every pub objective.

Then it was back to base to prepare for our forst real propor loike gig an all...

Which I shall have to post tomorrow as the session is winding up and Penzance is beckoning.

Currently Listening to: 3 awesome musicians just mucking around.

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