Monday, October 5, 2009

Halfway There

We’ve had our first scary moment.

We were checking in all nice and happily with Dave from Singapore Air, luggage all the right weights, guitars sent to oversized etc when we noticed one of the senior stewards looking at Bridget in a funny manner. She saunters over and in no uncertain terms tells Bridge that she can’t carry her fiddle on board. Bridge stands firm, firing up the teacher eyes, and the (rather snotty) steward heads off to ask a supervisor, who also seems unable to make a decision and hit’s the phone. We all get a sinking feelings, except for Bridge who goes from teacher eyes to steely don’t-fuck-with-me eyes. The steward backs down.


This I have learned so far:

Coffee Club nachos are a dish best *not* served cold. As the poor person found out when Sarah sent the food back. We’ve not even left Brisbane and already the girls are bossing.

I remembered that the little milks get all pressurised in the air and turn into little explosion messy devices.

There’s always some opportunistic git who will wait until the hostess’s backs are turned then move seats.

I will *always* get the duff TV screen.

Transformers 2 makes no sense whatsoever unless you like watching blurry things chasing more exploding blurry things with strange camp voice-overs and clicky-rik-dik noises.

Airplanes now have power sockets and usb plugs (to charge ipods!). I think the next time I do this they’ll be wireless internet (I actually detected one, but it was locked. Probably the opportunistic git’s HP.  May his Windows forever crash.

Right, I’m off to brave the loos.

Sent from the Lounge at Changi Airport whilst listening to possibly the best three piece band EVER!

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