Sunday, October 4, 2009

Away away...

Sunas has left the building.

As usual I'm running around like a deranged monkey furiously stuffing last-minute crap into small pockets, all the while uttering prayers to McFark, patron Saint of Travellers Who'd Like to get Upgraded and Not Have Their Guitars Returned as Kindling. McFark lost both his ears in the terrible Battle of DirkaDirka, in the 2nd Crusades and is notoriously hard of hearing. Apparently the Moors boiled him alive in hot fudge sauce. Terrible way to go.

But I digress.

Yes i'm nervous, not for the tour bit (I have utter faith in those I play with) but rather the whole weight/check-in/guitar/toothpaste in a plastic bag thing.

And I need more coffee

Listening to: 'the Cabbie talking on his phone. I think he's apologizing to his wife for something'.

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