Friday, November 6, 2009

Perthshire Amber 1.5

(Somehow, this blog slipped through the upload, so it's a little out of sync)

It’s fecking cold at the Crannog, but then considering it’s a recreation of an ancient loch dwelling on Tay, I’m surprised that I’m surprised. It’s another beautiful day, though the wind has come up, and it’s the kind of wind that slices through regular jackets as if they were string vests. I’ve fallen in love with my thin Merino layer and hefty Paddy Pallin Polartec.

This is probably the most exclusive and special of all the gigs. The Crannog only holds 30 people, and that’s including artists and crew, so the the tickets are aways the hottest sellers and had gone months ago. This year it’s a solo show around a roaring fire, though in previous ones the rest of the band have squeezed in. The Crannog is a round building sitting out on Loch Tay (which itself is incredbly impressive) on stilts. It’s connected to the mainland by a stilt bridge, and is big enough that there would have been livestock inside to. We could do with a few warm Angus cows right about now.

As much as I want to stay, I have to head off to Castle Menzies (pronounces Mingus) to help prepare for tonight’s gig, another small one inside, and you might have guessed, a castle. But the girls are getting to stay, so hopefully they’ll be able to sneak inside to hear the gig.

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